Equipped with mechanical power take-off, the MT-700 is the most efficient crawler tractor on the market. The MT-700 is able to operate under conditions where conventional tractors lose power and traction. Thanks to adequate engine power, and a mechanical power take off, the MT-700 enables quicker, more efficient operation, at a lower cost per hectare.



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MT-700 the most efficient mechanical power take-off (PTO) crawler tractor on the market. It is efficient, versatile and adaptable. MT-700 Is able to operate under extreme conditions where conventional tractors are no longer effective. MT-700 Is efficient, due to high engine power and the extreme duty mechanical power take-off, the tractor works faster with lower fuel consumption per hectare than any other method.

Powerful, large displacement diesel engine produces extreme torque through a wide range of engine rpm. High torque is the most important engine characteristic while crushing. The combination of power and massive torque allows the engine to operate at low rpm. When not pushed to its limit, the average fuel consumption is much lower without compromising efficiency and quality of work.

The Suokone manufactured PTO gearbox is designed for safe transmission of high torque. The integrated POC-clutch works as an overload/release clutch. The aptor system switches the PTO to neutral if the defined slippage percentage is exceeded. The POC-clutch protects the entire driveline, from tractor to crushing attachment.

Hydrostatic drive makes it possible to adjust driving speed steplessly from 0-18km/h

Standard air conditioned, ergonomic cab equipped with 180 degree rotating seat. Steering wheel and controls move with with the seat. Cab may be tilted down, lowering overall transport height for road transport.

Double acting, independantly controlled lift arms allow for crusher levelling during work. Tilting the attachment is useful when operating the crusher.


  • Enables the attachment of various tracks to the tractor, depending on purpose and conditions.
  • Steel tracks are most suitable for hard soil where extreme mechanical strength is needed.
  • Rubber tracks allow operating on roads at speeds up to 18km/hr (optional hydraulic suspension).
  • Optional double rubber tracks reduce ground pressure for extreme conditions.
  • Basic tracks have a transport width of less than 3.5 m.
  • Double tracks can be installed / removed in the field.
  • Rubber tracks are durable and maintenance free.

ENGINE (Diesel) Tier2 Tier4 Final
Power 565kW (768hp) 515kW (700hp)
Cylinders / displacement 6  / 16,12 ltr. 6  / 16,12 ltr.
Torque 3260 Nm (1500rpm) 3150 Nm (1500rpm)
Fuel tank 550ltr /  125gal 550ltr / 125gal
DEF tank No 45ltr / 10gal
SCR / EGR No Yes
Voltage / Bateries 24V, 2x225Ah 24V, 2x225Ah
2-speed with stepless variation. 2 piston pumps
Tractive power 420 kW (507hp)  
Tractive force 18 tn / 40000lbs  
Travel speed, range 1 0-8 km/h  0-5 mph Max. tractive force
Travel speed, range 2 0-18 km/h  0-11 mph Max. tractive force / 2
Oil circulating + cooling + filtering for both tracks
Pump gear TwinDisc AM480 (700kW)
PTO gear + PTO-Clutch Suokone manufactured gear + POC - Clutch (600kW)
Oil circulating + cooling + filtering for both gear systems
Liters  (at working rpm) 185 l/min 42 gal/min
Pressure 210 bar 3045 psi
Auxiliary outputs 4pcs / 1/2"  
Hydraulic oil tank 260 ltr 69 gal
Air conditioning / Heating Yes  
Steering wheel Yes For drive / Functions
Joystic  Yes For functions
Display (multifunction) 2x For control / functions
Seat rotates 180 degrees with 3-positions. Steering wheel and controls move with the seat.
Modular stucture detachable  
Steel tracks (Berco) Width 800 mm / 32inch max.speed 8 km/h
Single rubber tracks 800 mm / 32inch max.speed 18 km/h
Double rubber tracks 2x800 mm / 32inch max.speed 18 km/h
Single rubber tracks have optional hydraulic suspension

3-point linkage CAT III - IV  
Lifting capacity 9000 kg 19980 lbs
PTO-Speed 1000 rpm  
PTO-Capacity 600 kW (816hp)  

MAIN DIMENSIONS Steel Tracks Single Rubber Tracks Double Rubber Tracks
Height 3900 mm / 154 inch 3850 mm / 151 inch 3850 mm / 151 inch
Length 5870 mm  / 231 inch 5870 mm  / 231 inch 5870 mm  / 231 inch
Width 2995 mm / 118 inch 2995 mm / 118 inch 4550 mm / 179 inch
Weight 18650 kg / 41120 lbs. 16800 kg / 37040 lbs 22300 kg / 49200 lbs
Min trasportation height 2900 mm / 115 inch 2900 mm / 115 inch 2900 mm / 115 inch
Ground clearance 600 mm / 24 inch 570 mm / 22 inch 570 mm / 22 inch
Ground pressure 300 g/cm2  (4.3Psi) 270 g/cm2  (3.9Psi) 185 g/cm2  (2.7Psi)

A versatile range of Power Tool clearing machines designed to work effectively in extreme conditions with high power.

PREPARING MILLER MJK-480 DTX is designed to clear new peat production areas and to do annual preparing milling. Sharp peat cutters crushes the stumps, wood and debris efortlessly.

Crusher is equipped with heavy duty X-serie side gearboxes and Suokone patented POC-safety clutches. Heavy duty push bar is optional. It helps with felling the trees and keeping them on straight line.

Technical data: MJK-480 DTX
Power range (hp) 500 - 750
Working speed (km/h) 0,5-4
Transmission Mechanical with gears
PTO Speed 1000 rpm / Din150
Mounting 3-Point linkage  KAT-3 /4
Safety clutch 2 x POC pressure operated safety clutch
Number of cutters 210
Main dimension:  
Rotor diameter Ø (mm) 600
Rotor width (mm) 4800
Working depth max. (mm) 300
Length (mm) 5350
Width (mm) 1700
Height (mm) 1600
Weight (kg) 4150

OJK screw ditchers are the perfect tool for ditching on peatland in all conditions. The auger effectively cuts any trees, roots or stumps in the bog, and ditching can be carried out even when there is ground frost. A single pass is required to create a clean ditch at the maximum depth. Peat is thrown a long distance on each side of the ditch and distributed evenly across the strip.


Hydraulic rear plates prevent peat from being thrown back into the ditch, especially when cleaning old ditches. Peat is thrown a long distance on each side of the ditch and distributed evenly across the strip, while the rear plates also level the sides of the ditch. The plates also support the implement when pressed against the sides.

Carbide cutters enable ditching even when there is ground frost. The cutters also facilitate ditching in areas where there are lots of trees and shrubs, while also protecting the auger against rocks.

The POC-3000 safety clutch effectively protects the transmission against excessive loads that can occur frequently when ditching.

ojanjyrsin meripeat suokone

Ditch dimension OJK-0.7 OJK-1.0  OJK-1.3
Bottom width b (mm) 550 300 300
Top width t (mm) 1280 1280 1280
Depth d (mm) 700 1000 1300
Angle a (deg) 52 52 40
Technical data: OJK-0.7 OJK-1.0 OJK-1.3
Power range (hp) 120 - 300 140 - 300 160 - 300
Working speed (km/h) 0,5-3 0,5-3 0,5-3
Transmission Mechanical with gears
PTO Speed 1000 rpm / Din150
Mounting 3-Point linkage CAT-3
Safety clutch POC pressure operated safety clutch
Number of frost cutters 26 38 48
Main dimension: OJK-0.7 OJK-1.0 OJK-1.3
Length (mm) 2130 2400 2410
Width (mm) 2310 2310 2310
Height (mm) 1670 1970 2270
Weight (kg) 1700 1760 1860

The RT-600 TT that attaches to the 3-point linkage of the tractor. Screw leveller is designed for clearing bogs and maintaining existing peat production strips in autumn. In addition, the RT-600 T can be used to clear new farm land. The screw leveller can be equipped with a special heavy-duty auger to cope with high-mineral soils. Mechanical gear transmission is protected by Suokone patented POC-safety clutch.

Technical data: RT-600 T
Power range (hp) 200 - 300
Working speed (km/h) 0,5-7
Transmission Mechanical with gears
PTO Speed 1000 rpm  / Din 150
Mounting 3-Point linkage CAT-3
Safety clutch POC pressure operated safety clutch
Main dimension: RT-600 T
Auger diameter Ø (mm) 950
Auger width (mm) 6000
Dimension PxLxK (mm) 2100x7000x1750
Weight (kg) 2600

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