Milled peat production

MERIPEAT Milled peat production

Suokone has developed together with customers functional and powerful machinery for all stages of milled peat production, including millers, harrowers, ridgers, loaders and trailers. The design and quality of all our products is based on decades of experience with peat machinery: these machines are long-lasting and effectively produce high-quality peat – from one day to the next!

  • Production millers are suitable for both large-scale and small-scale production of milled peat.
  • Spoon-type harrowers turn the peat to facilitate drying and are suitable for both single- and multi-harvest methods.
  • Milled peat ridgers are used to form swathes of dry milled peat effectively and precisely before harvesting.
  • V-type milled peat ridgers are used to gather the milled peat into piles or directly into the trailer.
  • Milled peat loaders are used to load the milled peat into the trailer using a belt conveyor. Our loaders are lightweight and compact but also durable.
  • Peat trailers are suitable for transporting both sod peat and milled peat. Our peat trailers feature eight bogie wheels and a side-tilting skip.
  • Mechanical harvesters are used to collect the milled peat from the windrows and transport it to the stock pile with low fuel consumption.
  • Profilers are used to maintain an optimal profile along the production strip throughout the summer. The excess peat from the sides of ditches is spread evenly across the entire width of the strip and can then be collected into the peat stack during normal milled peat production.
  Haku-method 4-7 harvest Mechanical harvester method 1-harvest (from field) Mechanical harvester method 2-3 harvest (from windrow)
Production Miller 6-9m (PM) x  x  x
Milled Peat Harrower 18m (MPH-18 MH) x  x  x
Milled Peat Ridger 9m (MPR-9.0) x    x
Milled Peat Ridger V-type 6m (MPR-V6)   x  
Milled Peat Loader (HK-16.5)  x    
Peat Trailer (TRL-30 F)  x    
Mechanical Harvester (EF-45)    x  x
Profiler (PRF-240)  x  x  x



Production millers for preparing fields

MERIPEAT production millers are suitable for both large-scale and small-scale production of milled peat. The three-element construction helps keep fields level throughout the production period. The design also eliminates the need for separate bearings between elements. The transmission is mechanical, and the middle element houses transmissions at each end. These can be either chain transmissions or gear boxes, enabling the use of high-powered tractors even in extreme conditions. The cutters have been manufactured from superior quality abrasion-resistant steel. Production millers attach to the tractor’s 3-point linkage (ridger model) or tow hook towable.


  • POC pressure-operated safety clutch or FT-44 safety clutch
  • Chain transmission or gear box
  • Attachments for 3-poin linkage or tow hook towable
Technical data: PM-6.0 PM-6.5 PM-7.0 PM-8.4 PM-9.0
Power range (hp) 110-240 110-240 120-240 130-240 140-240
Working speed (km/h) 6-14 6-14 6-14 6-14 6-14
Cutting depth (mm) 10-35 10-35 10-35 10-35 10-35
Working width (mm) 6000 6500 7000 8400 9000
Front wheels 10.0/80-12 8 pcs 8 pcs 8 pcs 12 pcs 12 pcs
Rear wheels 19/45-17 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
Transmission Mechanical - 2 pcs Chain or gear drives
PTO Speed 1000 rpm. Size  45mm-z6  (1"3/4 z6)
Safety clutches 2 pcs pressure operated POC or FT-44 
Mounting 3-point linkage CAT-2 or on towbar
Hydraulic 1 pce  Single action
Main Dimensions: PM-6.0 PM-6.5 PM-7.0 PM-8.4 PM-9.0
Rotor dimensions Diameter 260mm
Rotor widths (mm) Wr / Wc / Wl 1500 / 2500 / 1500 1500 / 2500 / 2000 2000 / 2500 / 2000 2700 / 2500 / 2700 3000 / 2500 / 3000
Working width (mm) Ww 6000 6500 7000 8400 9000
Overall width W (mm) 6120 6620 7120 8520 9120
Tire dimension Wt (mm) 2260 2260 2260 2260 2260
Weight kg 2250 2350 2450 2750 2850
Wt (mm) Distance between rear tires 2260
L (mm) Overall length with 3-point linkage  3400
h (mm) Overall height when rotor at ground level 1200

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Spoon-type harrowers for single- and multi-harvest methods

The MPH-18 MH spoon-type harrower is pulled behind the tractor and is suitable for both single- and multi-harvesting methods. The steel spoon-type harrows are mechanically extremely durable and wear-resistant. The light structure and large tyres ensure steady transportation even across soft surfaces.

The drawbar can be set in two different operating positions. For multi-harvesting, the drawbar is used in the side position, enabling the tractor to be driven alongside the windrow. Also, the spoons in the central element can be raised when multi-harvesting

Technical data: MPH-18 MH
Mounting Towable on towbar
Number of harrows 30+30
Working speed (km/h) 6
Hydraulic 3 pcs singe acting
Working width (mm) 18100
Weight (kg) 1650
Main dimensions: MPH-18 MH
Overall width W1 (mm) 18100
Width of side elements W2 (mm) 7200
Width of center element W3 (mm) 3700
Distance between tires W4 (mm) 2250
Height from the ground h1 (mm) 2200
Draw bar sideways adjustment W5 (mm) 2950
Transport width W6 (mm) 14000
Transport height h2 (mm) 5900

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Milled peat ridgers for effective and precise windrowing

The MPR-9.0 milled peat ridger features plastic brushes for effective and precise windrowing. The plastic brush elements enable precise windrows along the production strips while also minimising the risk of fire. The milled peat ridger can be used simultaneously with the production miller.

Technical data: MPR-9.0
Mounting to towbar / tracktor front, sleeve mount / 3-Point linkage CAT-2
Working speed (km/h) 3-8
Hydraulic 3 pcs- single  acting
Working width W2 (mm) 9000
Weight (kg) 2065
Main dimensions: MPR-9.0
Overall width W1 (mm) 10500
Overall length L1 (mm) 17000
Length of the brush elements L2 (mm) 20000

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V-type milled peat ridgers for gathering milled peat into piles or directly into the trailer.

The MPR-V6 V-type milled peat ridger features plastic brushes for effective and precise windrowing. The plastic brush elements enable precise windrows along the production strips while also minimising the risk of fire. V-type milled peat ridgers are ideal for use with trailers. The ridger can be attached to either the tractor’s front linkage or with a sleeve mounting kit.

Technical data : MPR-V6
Mounting to front 3-point linkage CAT-2 or Sleeve mount
Working speed (km/h) 3-8
Hydraulic 1 pce  single acting
Working width W2 (mm) 5200 - 6000
Windraw width W1 (mm) 700
Weight (kg) 620
Main dimensions: MPR-V6
Overall width W3 (mm) 5600 - 6400
Overall length L1 (mm) 4900
Height from the ground h1 (mm) 1900
Transport length l (mm) 3300
Transport width t (mm) 2500
Transport height h (mm) 2400

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Milled peat loaders with belt conveyors for the effective loading of milled peat

Our compact but efficient milled peat loaders are capable of loading multi-harvest windrows. The HK-16.5 model features large rubber tyres that, together with the lightweight yet sturdy structure, enable steady transportation even across soft surfaces. The wide feeder and powerful belt conveyor make the loader suitable for 5- to 7-harvest windrows. A road transportation kit is optionally available, making it easy to transport the loader between production areas.

Our milled peat loaders can be shipped in 45-foot containers.

Technical data: HK-16.5
Power range (hp) 130-200
Working speed (km/h) 1,5-5
Loading capasity (m^3/h) 900-1200
Loading width (mm) 16400
Weight (kg) 5800
Transmission Mechanical
Safety clutch FT-44
PTO Speed 1000 rpm. Size  45mm-z6  (1"3/4 z6)
Mounting Towable on towbar
Hydraulic 4pcs - double acting
Main dimensions: HK-16.5
Loading width W2 (mm) 16400
Loading height h (mm) 4400
Collecting width W5 (mm) 3200
Pickup bar width W6 (mm) 1980
Draw bar dimension W4 (mm) 4400
Draw bar dimension W3 (mm) 2800
Boggie width W7 (mm) 2000
Belt width W8 (mm) 1000
Overall height H (mm) 5500
Overall width W1 (mm) 19000
Tire 1 (6pcs) 550 / 60 R22.5
Tire 2 (2pcs) 400 / 60 -15.5
Tire 3 (4pcs) 19.0 / 45-17

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Peat trailers for sod peat and milled peat

Peat trailers are designed to be sturdy yet lightweight for both sod peat and milled peat production. Eight large bogie wheels ensure steady transportation even across soft surfaces. The side-tilting skip makes it easy to unload the trailer next to stock pile.

Technical data: TRL-30 F
Mounting Towable on towbar
Platform volume (m^3) 28
Dry weight (kg) 5900
Load weigth (kg) 10500
Overall weigth (kg) 16400
Tires 8 pcs 21,3-R24 1400/540
Main dimensions: TRL-30 F
Overall height h (mm) 2900
Overall width T (mm) 3450
Overall length L (mm) 8750
Platform height a (mm) 1250
Platform width b (mm) 3350
Platform length c (mm) 6700

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Ecofield mechanical harvester for environmentally friendly peat harvesting

The well-balanced and lightweight Ecofield EF 45 mechanical harvester moves effortlessly across bogs. The front-fitted loading conveyor increases loading efficiency and facilitates supervision of the work. The pusher-type loading conveyor enables twin-harvest windrows to be harvested easily and tidily. The chain type unloading conveyor ensures, when crossing a stock pile, the load is evenly distributed as a smooth stream, without any risk of becoming unstable.

The advanced wheel structure and optimal weight distribution provide substantially lower fuel consumption than standard machinery. Hydraulic drive can be activated on while driving. Ecofield is suitable for use with tractors with a 1000 rpm PTO.


  • Boggie with double tires 700/600
  • Hydraulic drive front tires
  • Chain type unloading conveyor rear unloading
  • Loading conveyor belt or chain type located in front
  • Loading conveyor has hydraulic weight lightening
  • Load sensing hydraulic


  • Double speed unloading conveyor. (unloading next to stock pile)
  • Hydraulic oil cooler kit (2pcs electric coolers)
Technical data: EF-45
Power range (hp) 140-220
Working speed (km/h) 2-7
Trailer air volume (m^3) 45
Base tires 4pcs (1) 700/50.25.6
Double tires 4pcs (2) 600/55.25.6
Loading conveyor tires 2 pcs (3) 10/80x12
Dry weight (kg) 8000
Mounting Towable on towbar
PTO Speed 1000 rpm. Size  35mm-z6  (1"3/8 z6)
Tractor hydraulic 1pcs - double acting / single acting
Trailer hydraulic (open circuit - load sensing - electrically operated)
Hydraulic pump production 180l/min at 265bar
Oil reservoir 200l
Main dimensions: EF-45
Width of conveyor belt  W1 (mm) 1350
Collecting width W2 (mm) 2300
Boggie dimension L2 (mm) 7450 ±300
Tire distance  L1 (mm) 1450
Width with base tires W3 (mm) 4035
Body width W5 (mm) 4000
Overall length L3 (mm) 9100 ±300
Overall width with double tires W4 (mm) 5200
Height from the ground H (mm) 4450

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Profilers for shaping peat strips during production

The PRF-240 profiler has been designed for shaping peat strips during production. It can be used to level raised ditch borders and spread the excess peat evenly across the entire width of the strip. The excess peat can then be collected into the peat stack during normal milled peat production. Using the profiler 2-3 times a season helps keep production strips in optimal condition without any further steps required.

The simple and sturdy design of the PRF-240 profiler enables it to be used effectively on both big and small peatlands.

Profilers can be specified with a road transportation kit that makes it easy to move from one worksite to another, even using a passenger car.

The transmission has two T-gears that enable optimal angles for the PTO shaft.

Technical data: PRF-240
Power range (hp) 100—140 
Working speed (km/h) 0,5-8
Working width (mm) 2400
Weight (kg) working / transport 690 / 810
Transmission Mechanical with gears
Safety clutch FT-44
Mounting 3-Point linkage  CAT-2/3 + Towbar
PTO Speed 1000 rpm. Size  45mm-z6  (1"3/4 z6)
Rotor diameter  (mm) 400
Number of cutters 150 pcs
Rotor width (mm) 4000
Transport dimension LxWxH (mm) 5500x1600x1500

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