Sod peat production

MERIPEAT sod peat machinery – powerful and reliable

The sod peat production machines developed and manufactured by Suokone have become industry favourites around the world. The success of these products is based on their effectiveness, reliability and availability of spare parts. MERIPEAT peat machinery has been developed over decades on the basis of customer feedback and experiences. MERIPEAT sod peat machinery produces clean and high-quality sod peat.

  • Sod peat machines are suitable for both large-scale and small-scale sod peat production.
  • Turners are used for turning over sod peat gently but effectively.
  • Windrowers are used to form windrows before harvesting the sod peat.
  • Sod peat loaders are used to load clean sod peat.
  • Peat trailers are used to transport ready sod and milled peat to stock pile.



Reliable and powerful sod peat machines

Disc-type sod peat machines offer the advantages of reliability and the power needed even to cut any trees in the bog. The cutter disc cuts the peat from the bog and feeds it into the extruding unit, where it is compacted into sod peat.

There are three types of extruding units:

  • PK 1 SL C5 conical extruders
  • PK 1 SL R12 flat head extruders
  • PK 1 SL W60 wave sod extruders

Two cutting disc models are available:

  • Cup-type cutters
  • Spout-type cutters

Sod peat machines can be equipped with an optional levelling drum, which compacts and evens out the coarse track left by tractor wheels. In this way, the sod peat drops onto a level and clean base, which facilitates faster drying.

Optional equipment:

  • FT-44 safety clutch
  • Levelling drum

Technical data: PK-1 SL C5 PK-1 SL R12 PK-1 SL W60
Power range (hp) 140-200 140-200 140-200
Working speed (km/h) 1-2,5 1-2,5 1-2,5
Production (m3/h) 30-50 30-50 30-50
Number of cutters 32 pcs 32 pcs 32 pcs
Weight (kg) 1300 1400 1470
Mounting 3-Point linkage CAT-3
PTO Speed 1000 rpm. Size  45mm-z6  (1"3/4 z6)
Transmission Mechanical with gears
Safety clutch FT-44 friction clutch (optional)
Main dimensions: PK-1 SL C5 PK-1 SL R12 PK-1 SL W60
Cutter disc diameter d (mm) 1295 1295 1295
Cutter disc width (mm) 75 75 75
Cutting depth s (mm) 550 550 550
Operating width W2 (mm) 1960 2100 2100
Overall length L (mm) 2420 2420 2420
Overall width W1 (mm) 2680 3010 2690
Height h (mm) 1500 1500 1500

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Turner for turning over sod peat

The MeriPeat turner is quiet but extremely effective. Its spikes are interlinked by chains that slide underneath the sod peat. Compared to traditional turners, the MeriPeat turner dries the sod peat much faster, as the sod peat is lifted off the strip surface when turned over.

The turner can be switched to transport mode hydraulically, direct from the cab, which enables easy transfer between production areas and bogs.

Technical data: KNH-18
Mounting 3-point linkage  CAT-2
Number of harrows 56 pcs
Working width (mm) 18600
Weight (kg) 1750

suokone palakaantaja meripeat mitat knh 18

Main dimensions: KNH-18
Overall width W1 (mm) 18600
Transport Width W2 (mm) 4800
Body width W3 (mm) 3700
Overall length W4 (mm) 1580
Transport height h1 (mm) 4780
Body height h2 (mm) 4280


suokone palakaantaja meripeat mitat knh 18



Windrowers for screening and making windrows

Separate pick up elements operated by a tube conveyor efficiently screen any impurities mixed with sod peat, while handling the sod peat with care.

The windrower can be attached to either the front or rear 3-point linkage of the tractor. The windrower has a hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic pump is powered by the tractor’s PTO.

Technical data: KA-4.0 T
Power range (hp) 100—250 
Working speed (km/h) 2-6
Working width (mm) 4200
Weight (kg) 2400
Mounting 3-point linkage  CAT-2
PTO Speed 1000 rpm. Size  35mm-z6  (1"3/8 z6)
Tractor hydraulic 2 pcs single acting
Hydraulic transmission: pump production 130l/min at 210bar oil reservoir 150 ltr.
Main dimensions: KA-4.0 T
Pickup bar width W1 (mm) 1500
Working width W2 (mm) 4200
Overall width W (mm) 4300
Overall length L (mm) 3650
Overall height h (mm) 1300
Conveyor width L1 (mm) 585

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Sod peat loaders for loading clean sod peat

The sod peat loader is towed behind the tractor. Pick up conveyor elements can be featured by either a tube conveyor or discs.

The pick up bar lifts the sod peat onto a screening tube conveyor, which transfers them to a screening cross conveyor and finally along a belt conveyor into the trailer.

The tube conveyor effectively screen any impurities mixed with sod peat, while handling the sod peat with care.

The rotation of the screening cross conveyor can be reversed, allowing the loader to be used also for small-scale windrowing.

The hydraulically controlled drawbar can be moved laterally by almost 600mm, which significantly facilitates turning in the end of strip.

The transmission features a mechanical T-gear and PTO shafts, making it extremely durable, reliable and easy to maintain.

Supporting drums help support the implement while levelling the surface.

Technical data: KHT-2.0
Power range (hp) 70-150
Working speed (km/h) 1,5-6
Loading capasity (m^3/h) 150-350
Loading width (mm) 8600
Weight (kg) 3400
Mounting Towable on towbar
PTO Speed 1000 rpm. Size  45mm-z6  (1"3/4 z6)
Transmission mechanical with gears
Safety clutch FT-44 friction disc clutch
Main dimensions: KHT-2.0
Loading width f (mm) 2180
Pickup bar width b (mm)  1500
Draw bar distance c (mm) 2965 + 585
Belt conveyor width a (mm) 650
Loading width e (mm) 8600
Loading height h (mm) 4500
Rear roller overall width d (mm) 4880
Overall width T (mm) 9700
Overall height H (mm) 5000
Overall length L (mm) 4450

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Peat trailers for sod peat and milled peat

Peat trailers are designed to be sturdy yet lightweight for both sod peat and milled peat production. Eight large bogie wheels ensure steady transportation even across soft surfaces. The side-tilting skip makes it easy to unload the trailer next to stock pile.

Technical data: TRL-30 F
Mounting Towable on towbar
Platform volume (m^3) 28
Dry weight (kg) 5900
Load weigth (kg) 10500
Overal weigth (kg) 16400
Tires 8 pcs 21,3-R24 1400/540
Main dimensions: TRL-30 F
Overall height h (mm) 2900
Overall width T (mm) 3450
Overall length L (mm) 8750
Platform height a (mm) 1250
Platform width b (mm) 3350
Platform length c (mm) 6700

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